Year: 2018

Retired loan with guarantor 2017

    When asking for personal loans, is it better to do it with or without a guarantor? This is one of the most widespread questions in this area, as many people do not have a clear understanding of the role of the guarantor as regards the provision of personal loans. First of all it […]

Loans for pensioners with a social pension

It is hardly a novelty to find problems when trying to apply for pensioners with social pensions , since there are regularly institutions unable to offer, at any interest rate, this funding opportunity. Below, we will see all the information necessary to understand whether it is possible or not, in these cases, to successfully request […]

Apply for small loans via SMS

  Today and today, with the economic crisis that continues to rage , with unemployment always at high levels, especially for young people, and with pensioners who see their purchasing power go down more and more, apply for a loan , even a lot small , it can make the difference to be able to […]

Loans changed for retired people

The loans that have been changed are a particular type of personal loan and are based on the stipulation of bills that the debtor undertakes to pay at the fixed term. Usually the payment of the bills of exchange changed monthly, but the customer and the credit company can, by mutual agreement, establish a different […]

Retirement loans for BancoPosta 2016

How to apply for loans for retired BancoPosta , with details on the documentation to be provided to the Poste Italiane, the time that can pass between the signing and the definitive granting of this form of financing, the minimum and maximum duration, the insurance necessary to bring to terminate your request and the form […]

Compass: affordable retirement loans

Compass offers attractive retirement loans that you can choose to fund your projects. Today we will see, in detail, what this important financial offers and how it is possible to apply for funding very quickly.   If you are looking for a loan, a transfer of the fifth or a loan to be requested, at […]

Loans without Envelope Pay for Retired

  To try to apply for a personal loan without being in possession of a paycheck or a valid pension slip, turns out to be one of the most complicated and almost impossible operations of our financial system today. This is because the guarantees preferred by banks or institutions that deal with the provision of […]

Mortgages for pensioners 2016

Lighting a mortgage is essential if you want to buy a home . What many people do not know is that retired people can also access this form of financing that allows them to defer such an important expense as buying or renovating a property . Compared to normal loans of this type, pensioner loans […]

Inpdap Pensioners Loans

  Inpdap loans for retirees are a precious resource for those who want to obtain cash to meet daily or family needs, including the so-called fifth transfer that has also been granted to pensioners in recent years. A loan of up to 120 months that may also be requested by private entities such as financial […]

Small loans for pensioners of 1000 euros

It can often happen that you suddenly need a small amount of money (for example 1000 euros ) to do a little work that we had in mind, buy an appliance , give a gift to loved ones etc.: in this case the first thing to do is apply to a financial institution , but […]