Search our sites and then request a payday loan direct lender only online

When it is necessary to face a sudden expense it can be very useful to resort to a payday loan direct lender at The mistake that is too often made, however, is to go to your bank and to take out the personal loan that is offered to us. The risk, in fact, is to pay too high interest.

In this way, we are going to give money to the bank! How, then, to find the best personal loan even if you do not have a solid paycheck?

best loan

The best solution is to exploit the tools that the internet makes available to us. In particular, the search engines for loans, that is the FREE comparison services that allow you to quickly find the most convenient financing of the moment.

Yes, you got it right! You do not have to lose a whole day traveling from one bank to another.

Do you want an example? Here you are. One of the services that we usually recommend is that of Mr. Loan

Just fill in the required fields with your details, and you will be contacted with a free estimate and without obligation. In 95% of the cases, the loan that was proposed to our readers proved to be much cheaper than the market average.

Not bad right? But how much can you save by finding the best online loan?

Let’s try to make 2 accounts.

Let’s assume we need capital of 10 thousand euros to change our old car with a new one or a good used one. Our bank offers us a 5-year loan with a rate of 9%. The installment, in this case, will be around 207 euros.

We take 10 thousand euros and we return 12.455 approximately.

Instead, we hypothesize to do research and find cheaper financing, with an interest rate of around 6%. In this case, the installment will be 193 euros.

This means a difference of 14 euros per month. Of course, a good saving … but let’s try to calculate it over the entire span of the loan. Altogether we will return to the bank or the financial 11,599 euros, or 855 euros less than the first solution.

Here is an example of what it means to find the best online loan, save 855 euros in 5 years, money that you can spend for yourself and your family without giving up anything. And if instead of 10 thousand euros I needed more substantial funding? Obviously, the savings would be even greater.

This is to make you understand how important it is to always find the best loan and not be satisfied with the first solution offered to us by our credit institution!

Personal loans medical expenses (Health and Wellness)

Today, loans to finance medical expenses , related to health and well-being, have become one of the most important tools for giving everyone access to high-level care. Just think of all those medical expenses that are not covered by the national health system or those whose waiting times are extremely long.

In these cases the only possibility is to access the private sector with all that it entails, in terms of spending. Personal loans can offer a shortcut to allow high-level health services by spreading out spending.

health loans

How loans work for health and well-being

The personal loans dedicated to the financing of health costs due to health and well-being are provided by some credit institutes with products specifically dedicated to this particular need. In principle, not all banks or financial companies provide these products because many are used to finance these expenses with normal personal loans for liquidity.


In principle, these loans can be subscribed to finance expenses attributable to:

  • surgical interventions;
  • dental expenses;
  • wellness stays;
  • beauty treatments;

Even if each credit institution applies different conditions, we can say that the interest rate, at this moment, is quite interesting and allows to finance these expenses in a very cheap way compared to what happened a few years ago.

Agos and Findomestic medical bills

Below we have selected some personal loans dedicated to this particular expense that are particularly interesting:

  • Health and wellness loans Findomestic : interest rate below 10%, the possibility to change the monthly amount of your installment without additional costs and the possibility to apply for financing with digital signature are the strengths of this product offered by Findomestic.
  • Agos health and beauty loans : Agos also proposes a specific policy to finance health and beauty expenses, including aesthetic and wellness treatments. This is a loan with fast delivery as it is paid after only 48 hours from the practical opening.

Overall, we can say that medical expenses are a valuable help if you want or are forced to turn to private facilities for care and well-being. 

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Convenient loan for retired people


These days we received an email from a reader who, in essence, asks us: what is the loan for pensioners cheaper? Going into more detail, our reader must help his father to take a loan of about 10 thousand euros and was looking for the most advantageous solution to prevent interests from weighing down the payment of installments. Assuming that this is a very good time to access credit, given the low level of rates applied by banks and financial companies, we try to answer this question.

How to find convenient personal loans?

First we would like to give some guidance on how to always find the most advantageous personal loans. We must never forget that even a minimal difference, as regards the interest rate can save a lot of money. Here, then, some tips that will be useful in the evaluation phase:

  • compare at least 3-5 estimates : we recommend never taking into account less than 3 estimates. The perfect number could be 5, a quantity suitable to offer an overview of the market;
  • take the taeg into consideration : always remember that the tan is an easily distorting indicator. There are lenders that apply an interest rate on the financing (the tan, in fact) very low, but then apply very high amounts as costs of investigation and management practice. To avoid “getting caught” always compare the taeg which is the true indicator of the total cost of the loan;
  • transfer of the fifth or personal loan : which of the 2 solutions to choose? Much depends on the particular personal situation of the applicant. Let’s say, however, that many banks to cut the bull’s head propose the sale of the fifth. We always recommend evaluating both solutions;

These are simple indications that will allow you to immediately get an overview of the situation and choose a convenient loan will be a real breeze.

Best convenient loans

Best convenient loans

At this point we try to see what the market offers at the moment. Remember, once again, that each bank applies different conditions depending on what are the conditions and needs of the client (requested amount, age, pension amount, etc.) so making a truly objective comparison is impossible.

  • Sale of the fifth BNL : this is a flexible and convenient loan that can be subscribed online or directly in the branch. We have already talked about this so refer you to the review: BNL retired loans .
  • Retired loan Poste Italiane : also the post office offers an interesting loan. We recommend it to all those pensioners who do not like doing these things on the web as there is no possibility to switch on the online practice. Here our review: Poste Italiane pensioners .
  • Fingepa retirement loan : this important financial institution proposes itself as a valid alternative to the usual banks. It allows access to loans of high amount, even in the presence of other loans.

These, currently, turn out to be the most interesting products but the advice we give you is still to make you make at least 3 quotes. For any clarification or doubt you can write to us using the space below. 

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Loans for retired people over 75 years of age

How to get loans for pensioners over 75 years , keeping away from those institutions that place this age threshold as the maximum limit beyond which funding can no longer be requested. In this guide, we will then look at how to apply to institutions to obtain loans if you are in the age group between 75 and 80 or even later.


At present, there are very few institutions that stop their access to credit for only 75 years, so do not bother to find someone willing to grant you a microcredit service, given that often the maximum age limit is raised to 80 years or even 90 years.
Furthermore, it is important to consider that many banks or financial institutions often combine insurance with insurance that protects them in case of premature death of the loan holder .

A problem to which you will have to pay attention, when you will go to request loans for pensioners over 75 years, are the interest rates (often advantageous, if you take advantage of benefits) and the additional costs to start the procedure, which unfortunately will be in any case higher than the amounts requested by institutions for lower-age loans.

equest loans for pensioners


As we said among the most important expenses to consider, which could greatly increase the cost of applying for retirement loans over 75 years, is that of insurance.

Given the high age, to cover themselves by the failure to extinguish the loan, the institutions oblige the customer to take out an insurance policy, the cost of which will be proportional to the age of the applicant pensioner. As a consequence, the APR will be affected, with figures not so much influenced by the actual interest rate, but by the price of the insurance itself.

So you do not have to compare the quotes proposed by the most advantageous microcredit institutes , asking for information on the interest rate and the cost of insurance, to draw a conclusion regarding the most convenient choice in the sector of retirement loans over 75 years.

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Loans for retired bad payers

You are a pensioner and you need a loan but you are afraid to ask your bank because you know you are reported as a bad payer? Well, no problem because you have to know that most banks offer loans for retirees even if they are reported as bad payers.

On the contrary, you should know that even if you are reporting in crif, retirement loans can be obtained under very interesting conditions and in extremely short time. In this article I’ll explain everything you need to know about these banking products and how to request one. 

Get a loan for retirees even if bad payers

Get a loan for retirees even if bad payers

As we have just mentioned, most banks provide these products also in the presence of claims in crif or at other risk centers.

The reason is very simple. The bank will provide a supply of the fifth of the pension . In this way it will be the INPS to pay the bank directly withholding the amount of the installment from your pension. Let’s take an example to better clarify the concept.

Let’s say you have a crif report and a pension of 1500 euros per month. The bank will provide you with a transfer of the fifth of the pension, ie a loan whose installment can not exceed the value of one fifth of your monthly pension, in this case 300 euros.

This installment of 300 euros will be paid directly by the INPS by holding back that money from your pension. This is why the bank does not need any further guarantees to provide bad payer funding if you have a pension .

What do you need if there is a crif message?


Fortunately, the documents needed to obtain financing of this type are very few. As usual, we need the identity card, the tax code and the pension slip issued by INPS or another pension agency that provides our income.

In some cases, am is very rare for this type of financing, the bank can request a statement of the last months. It should be noted that several banks provide the loan following the opening of an account at one of its offices.

Which banks provide the transfer of the fifth of the pension

Which banks provide the transfer of the fifth of the pension

I know that now you’re going to find a list of banks and financial companies that deliver these products at affordable rates but, alas, it is not. The fact is that practically all the banks and financial companies offer these products, so it would be useless to put you a list.

However we want to give you some information and suggestions anyway. For example, in these days, there are some lenders that are providing loans at very low rates. These include Findomestic (with fixed interest rates of around 7%), Unicredit and Intesa (the two main Italian banks that allow loans under 7%) and BNL.

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